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If we had to summarise in ten words or less, Epack is an end-to-end warehousing and fulfillment service. But it’s a bit more than that. We get to know you, your products, and what makes your business tick. You’re not just another number on a spreadsheet.


That’s why offering secure warehousing, prompt and accurate order fulfillment, competitive shipping rates and laser-sharp management of returns is so important to us - it’s personal.


You can be sure that our team of real people will work as closely with you as possible to get things right.


3rd Party Logistics

The process of getting your product from ideation and creation through to the satisfied end consumer is complex. And within that process are the storage, order fulfilment and delivery logistics. It’s a science within a science.


Leave it with us.

Receiving your product is an event.

When your product arrives at our warehouse, we launch into action. They are carefully, thoroughly inspected and counted, and we report to you immediately if there are any damages or discrepancies in what’s been expected to arrive versus physically received. 


Once everything is accounted for, your product is then palleted or placed into the pick face stock zones.

Serious warehousing and fulfilment.

Once your product is perfectly organised, it’s kept secure in our extensive warehouse. We have the ability to cater to large and small products, and once you’re an EPack customer you’re free to fluctuate your storage space as your needs change. 


Order fulfilment from there is speedy, super accurate, and again, flexible: we can adapt to changes in demand and seasonal sales thanks to our nimble, personalised team and approach to doing business.

Tight Returns Management.

Processing a returned order is another system within a system that we pride ourselves in. 


We’ll handle everything required: arranging collections including return label production, checking for damage with eagle eyes and placing products that pass the test back into our warehouse for resale. All done with close adherence to your returns policy and the quality standards you need for a product to be resold.


ECommerce Integration

Ensuring a seamlessly integrated online environment for your orders and our shipping means less room for error. Our team of actual humans is always there to check things over before they go out the door, but a well-oiled digital connection to kick things off means we start out in the right direction.

Your shopping platform, meet our shipping software.

It’s a match made in fulfillment heaven. We’ll connect your ECommerce platform to our systems via API integration as a very first task in our work together. That means a streamlined job for us and a seamless experience for you, and your customers.


Domestic & International Shipping, for worldwide service from a local Kiwi team.

Our skilled people have your business goals top of mind, all the time. That’s why our shipping rates are competitive, our order fullfilment is fast, and our approach to freight and shipping can be tailored to suit what makes the most sense for you, now.

Same-day fulfillment

If the order is locked in before 2pm, consider it shipped.

Competitive national and international shipping rates.

We pride ourselves in offering cost-smart shipping. Whether your product will likely be ordered from overseas or you have more of a domestic target market, we can personalise our freight services to suit your business goals.

Take advantage - of our bulk discounts, that is.

You can see some impactful cost savings by leveraging our bulk shipping discounts that we receive from multiple courier companies. 


That goes for anyone: not just businesses shipping considerable volumes of products across Aotearoa or internationally, but also a person just wanting to get a birthday present to their loved one on time.

You strategise. We organise.

Let’s have a chat through your warehousing and fulfillment needs now, and in the future. We’ll come up with a plan that ticks (and packs) all the boxes.

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